Saint James' Staff

Unless otherwise noted, all staff may be reached through the Parish Office phone number and indicated extension.

Our address is:
3903 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Parish Office Phone: (213) 388-3417
Parish Office Fax: (213) 388-3339

The Rev. Thomas Discavage
Interim Rector/Priest-in-Charge
Ext: 102

The Rev. Jenifer Chatfield

Associate Rector

Ext. 106

James Buonemani
Organist and Director of Music

Phone: (213) 388-3015

Paul Meier

Associate Organist
Ext: 105

Deborah David
Head of Saint James School

Phone: (213) 382-2315

The Reverend Aidan Koh
School Chaplain
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Phone: (213) 382-2315, Ext: 250

The Rev. Jenifer Chatfield
Assisting Clergy
Ext. 106

The Rev. John Kim
Assistant to the Rector
Katarina Matolek
Director of St. James' Preschool

Phone: (213) 738-7871

James Casey
Associate Musician for Youth
Phone: (213) 388-2315, Ext: 256

Lauren Azeltine
Administrative Support
Ext. 104

Alex Rios

Ext: 110

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